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Sydney weather seems to be getting all crazy with the changing seasons so I thought whether (ehh 😉 ) I should do a little travel tips post on my experiences travelling through the weather in Seoul!


For starters here are the approximate months and seasons that I have been in Korea for:

  • December – January: Winter
  • July: Summer
  • October – November: Autumn

So nearly every season! Just missing the illusive pretty Spring ^.^

What was my experience of each season and which did I love most? Hmm-

Winter: cold and snowy! 


  • Pros: coming from Australia it’s actually kind of exciting to have a winter with snow! Layering is also fun clothes-wise and Korea has some of the best winter jackets ❤  Also there’s nothing more delightful then settling into a cafe with a warm drink and friends after walking out of the cold!
  • Cons: it is colddd so some days you just dread going outside and walking about, especially since you need to layer up and then unlayer again when you get to your destination. It gets dark earlier and the pathways can get kind of slippery to walk on. Attractions can be closed due to the weather and there’s no bingsu!

Kat’s packing tips: A REALLY WARM WINTER JACKET (I borrowed one from my friend Holly for this trip actually, she usually uses the jacket for trips to Sweden), layersss- so leggings, skivvies, jumpers (you’ll probably end up wearing the same thing a lot to be honest) and boots (preferably ones that have a bit of a grip)!

Summer: warm and bright!


  • Pros: the bright sunny days are encouraging for being out in the sunshine and seeing the sites. It feels great flitting about the streets shopping in a pretty summer dress and sipping on cool icy drinks! There is a lot of air conditioning everywhere and everything is open late (it always is really, but the light makes it seem even longer). Bingsu!
  • Cons: it can be very heavy and hot. Apparently I was quite lucky and didn’t get a full-blown humid summer and I missed out on the muggy storms (for which I am grateful). Also you’ll probably be less inclined to go for the KBBQ or spicy stews staple of the Korea food visit. It can also get rather crowded.

Kat’s packing tips: light clothing! Think t-shirts and skirts and dresses (depending on your preference of course!), you’ll probably want a few more options during the summer time, especially since you’ll probably have to wash more (mmm sweaty). Sandals!

Autumn: airy and moderate!


  • Pros: the weather was pretty much ideal- warm during the day and slightly colder at night. All the beautiful foliage is out to impress and you can eat pretty much whatever you want!
  • Cons: It’s a little tricker to pack for- will it be hot or cold? It’s also slightly difficult to shop midseason? Ha.

Kat’s packing tips: options that you can wear stockings with! And one of my old staples- the reliable cardigan. Boots again probably!

Fun fact: I am actually wearing the exact same boots in all three of these pictures haha- Neddy boots from Wittner ❤

So which season did I prefer? To be honest I kind of liked all of them! I enjoyed the comfortable winter, I loved the bright airy summer, and the perfect Autumn days were just so pleasant. I think I would pick Autumn if I had to, just because it is such a middle ground, but I do feel that I was also super happy travelling about in the Summer sun. So maybe Summer? Winter is just a little bit more limiting.

I guess I can wait till trying out Spring before having to make any final choices though, right? ^.^

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