Kat of the Musicals

This evening I attended the Opening Night of the 2015 Korean Film Festival! Yahooo KOFFIA timeee!!



I always love this time of year, so many new films to fall in love with… And it’s particularly exciting when I fall for films I didn’t expect! I make sure to see as many as I can for just this reason (being reviewing media I guess helps with this, ha!) ^.^

This evening’s film was How To Steal A Dog, with it’s Director Sungho Kim in attendance! This was a really heartwarming film, lots of fuzzy feelings despite it being quite realistic and telling a somewhat sad tale.

In fact this year there are also two films on the line up that I have already seen and LOVED. If you can, really try and see either of these ones. Such incredible films and particularly The Admiral is best enjoyed on a big screen (seen that one twice actually). Here’s my reviews if you’re interested in a bit more of a synopsis!

Here are some of the incredible films I watched last year at KOFFIA 2014:

Can’t wait to see what else this year has to offer!! So make sure you too check out the KOFFIA line-up in your city and head on down to enjoy some truly excellent films ^.^

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