Kat of the Musicals

Last weekend I popped down in-between dance practices (for K-Pop Summit!) to Darling Harbour for K-FEST 2015!


The weather was perfect and quite a crowd had gathered around by the time I got there, enjoying the performances on stage, chatting to the KTO about travelling to Korea (jealous), trying on beautiful Hanboks, making pretty lanterns and snacking on some delicious K-Foods.

I of course had tteokbokki on my mind, so after hanging out at the main stage for a little bit I knew it was time to head over to the stall vendors (there was a performance of BANG BANG BANG by JK dancers which seemed appropriate since I had just come from my BBB class, ha. Also loving Hyuna’s new songs though!)

Amongst my precious tteokbokki the vendors also had fish cake, pop chicken and those twisty sticks of potato. I acquired my beloved rice cakes and headed back to main stage where Amina from Masterchef 2012 was just setting up for a kimchi making demonstration! Perfect timing! I’ve always wanted to learn how to make kimchi, it seems like such fun when they all do it in the dramas. And so it was that when Amina asked for a volunteer from the crowd I soon found myself enthusiastically waving my hand about. YAY! My tteok would have to wait, it’s kimchi time!

12032336_10153033358646227_1929429774_n copy

The actual preparation was easier than I thought it would be, although Amina had already prepared all the ingredients and was of course guiding me through the whole process. To be honest all I really need to do was mix around the ingredients and then coat the two cabbages in the fresh mix. But I did it really well! Ha. I even managed to beat the challenge of coating a cabbage in less than a minute- SUCCESS! I’m a natural kimchi-maker obviously. The smell was absolutely incredible though, yummy.

12023041_10153033358636227_257233891_n copy

12026670_10153033358641227_2053194822_n copy

After all my hard work we were rewarded with pre-prepared portions of kimchi, which I immediately poured on my tteokbokki and devoured happily.


I stayed around the main stage for a little bit longer then, as the traditional performances had just begun and I love the grace of the traditional dancers in their gorgeous hanboks and the amazing sounds of the drums.


Sigh, I miss Korea ^.^

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