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During January I took a Korean Cuisine Banquet Class being offered by the Korean Cultural Office in Sydney and it was amazing! Not only did I learn a whole lot about Korean cooking and culture (and eat a whole lot of delicious dishes) but I met a whole bunch of really great people too! The classes were always so much fun!

Korean cuisine is my most favourite cuisine, but I found myself woefully lacking when it came to the necessary skills to prepare the delicious dishes I love so much- delicious tteokbokki, galbi stew, kimchi jiggae, bulgogi… the list goes on! So I decided it was time to really get the basics down and learn from a master.

Our Chief Chef was the super awesome Jay Lee, Young Australian Chef of the Year, chef at Tetsuya’s for 2 years, head chef at Star City’s Sokyo and now founder of Chef Crew (a company dedicated to bringing young Korean hopeful apprentice chefs to Australia to be trained under Jay’s watchful chef eyes). And he has a really amusing way of teaching! And his food is just heavenly. In short: super awesome.

The class was really focused on home cooking, and here are some of the amazing dishes we had each week:

Week One

• Kimchi Hotpot/Jiggae
• Cold Jellyfish Salad
• Bulgogi
• Seafood Pancake

Week Two

• Sweet Potato Noodle Salad / Japchae
• Chilli Pork
• Rice Cake Soup
• Braised Beef Rib (THIS WAS INCREDIBLE)

Week Three (I was actually attending the Pansori performance at the Opera House during this class, but here is the planned menu anyway!)

• Bibimbap
• Beef Soy Bean Soup
• Mandu

Week Four

• Spicy Rice Cake (tteokbokki)
• Braised Ox Tail
• Fried Chicken (<3)
• Korean Salad

I think my skills definitely improved! And now I know a lot more about the basics and the types of ingredients to use, which means I can practice practice practice until… ALL THE DELICIOUS DISHES ARE MINE!

Kat Tip! If you’re in Sydney, you really should look into registering as a member with the Korean Cultural Office. They offer a whole range of super fun courses like this one, centered on sharing the Korean culture with fellow enthusiasts. Last year I took part in a Janggu course, and I’m on a waiting list for their (free!) language classes. Check out how to register on their website here!

And here is our class being awesome…


(I originally posted about this course over on The AU Review too!)

3 thoughts on “Korean Cuisine Banquet Class at the KCO Sydney! Aka Kat eats lots of delicious KFood!

  1. That looks delicious


    1. It really was! ^.^ Do you like jjigae too?


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