Kat of the Musicals

Excitinggg news! We’ve just launched Hello Asia Radio!!


Myself and three of my other fellow Hello Asia writers will be presenting our fortnightly show, where we’ll have all the latest news and events on the Asian culture scene, some in depth discussion on the articles on Hello Asia that we found to be the most intriguing during the week and of course a whole HEAP of excellent music! ^.^  Who knows! You might even discover a whole new bias!

This week we celebrated upcoming White Day with our ultimate romantic playlist, featured Japanese band ONE OK ROCK, and I freaked out a little about Kim Junsu’s teasers for his new album (OMG), the English release recordings for Frank Wildhorn’s Death Note Musical (which I also freaked out about in my previous blog post, lots of freaking out about this) and did a shoutout for the upcoming spectacular that is the Crossover K-Pop Summit (which is full of super awesome K-Pop dance covers by some of Sydney’s best dance crews! Also will be featuring this dancer right here! *points to herself* haha)

It’s going to be a really fun show, and will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 2pm and Fridays at 9pm AEST!

Tune in over at AU Radio!

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