Kat of the Musicals

After Music Core we headed towards the D-Cube City, which houses the D-Cube Arts Centre, which is where Rudolf was showing!


I hadn’t been to D-Cube before but it was really interesting! I guess it was kind of a megaplex of shops, restaurants, a hotel and the theatre. To be honest though, I was pretty glad we had Adela with us! The layout was mightily confusing for a first-time visitor, and to get to the theatre we went through the station, through a hotel and up elevators? What? Haha.

By this time (having only snacked on delicious bingsu) we also thought it best we have dinner before the show! So we ventured through the multitude of options till we came across a tasty looking katsudon place. Yummy! This place is apparently quite well known, and I could tell why! It was delicious! So fresh and tasty! We even got to grind our own sesame paste for our katsu, which was a bit nerve-wracking…


And then it was Rudolf time!! *bounces* 


I happily purchased a program and recording, and a recording of Wildhorn’s Count of Monte Cristo too! Then I dragged Holly and Adela around to take photos of me with all the posters. As you can see, Ahn Jae Wook got a little attached.


Then we entered the theatre and walked right on down to the front! Third rowww- yesssss!

I loved absolutely every single moment of Rudolf. Loved loved loved. You can read my full review over here on the AU and LOVE. Ahn Jae Wook, you Sir are incredible!

After the musical I was still happily prancing about in my imaginary snow swirls, so we ended up getting a little lost on our way out (particularly now that we were Adela-less). We ended up approaching the concierge to ask which way to the subway, and I began trying to form the sentence in Korean when he bluntly said “Are you looking for the subway station?” in English. Ha. And with an embarrassed thanks we headed in the direction and located the subway.

Although it was near midnight by this point our day wasn’t over yet! We were heading back to Hongdae.

In my couple of trips to Seoul I have been truly blessed to have made some of the most wonderful friends, who I treasure very dearly ❤ I’m very lucky! And I couldn’t wait to see them again! After much squealing and hugs we made our way to a Cafe Mango Six- which I’m sure you’d recognise if you’ve ever watched a kdrama ever haha. Most notably for Heirs, after all…



*coughs* The mango drink that Lee Minho and Park Shinhye are always consuming though? Let me be honest with you… One of the best drinks of all existence. It’s incredible. All mangoey and delicious and yummmmmmm. We happily slurped them down and chatted. The great thing of course being that Seoul life goes on into the night, so although it was late we were all most comfortably hanging about chatting in a café.

After too short a time it was time to head back to the hotel for our last night sleep on this Seoul trip 😦  But I was feeling super happy after seeing everyone again (and even making some more wonderful new friends!)- hugs to you all! ❤

We took a taxi back to our Hotel and fell into our beds with our alarms set early! We were planning to get as much out of our last day as we could before heading to the airport! ^.^

One thought on “A Continuing Adventure: Holkat At D-Cube Arts Centre and Das Musical Rudolf!

  1. yipx2 says:

    Oh man…your post had me teleporting back to nostalgia! D-cube, musicals, the displays…i miss it…like MISS it!! Running into random cafes, desserts, drinks….food was rather scarce for me (koreans love their meats….poor vegetarian me! 😢). Your last night there sounds like the last night of my trip too!! A moment of reading deja vu~~

    Seoul…i hope we meet again! Haha.


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