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Ohhhhhh my gosh. MUSIC CORE! I was so excited! Last year I had the opportunity to attend as Media to KBS Music Bank, which was AWESOME live. I was really interested to see how they compare!


So off we headed to Digital Media City where most of the channels are located. The area is pretty cool- with all the towering station buildings surrounding a forecourt area with little quirks like street lamps and Hollywood stars.


When it was nearly showtime we were escorted into the set and directed to our seats. So much energy and goings-on! People were heading in every which direction doing their tasks and getting the show ready for air. Down below us were a group on computers putting together and testing out the screen graphics, a cordinoona rushed back and forth past us a couple of times with a bags hanging from her hips that were literally pouring out makeup and the security were herding through groups of fans into their allocated sections (each fangroup has an allocated area in which to sit). The fans are really fun to be around- they take the business seriously, calling out instructions for their idol’s appearance. They had coordinated lightsticks, signage and well-practiced fan chants. It’s really fun to be a part of such support!

Then in walked the MCs- Block B’s Zico leading the charge! I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that SHINee’s Minho was in the Japan at the time. I could have sunk down and cried- here I was at Music Core but no Minho! Ah well… Perhaps another time. I’d seen Zico perform a few months ago at a convention I attended, and I really do like him, so all was not lost.

The excitement built up as we waited and then three, two, one… SHOW TIME!

Watching in the crowd was so much fun!! And so interesting! About half the acts are pre-recorded, so they’d just jump on stage and have fun sort-of performing their act until they were ushered off to make way for a live recording act. The artists would happily wave and interact with the fans if they were pre-recorded, joking around with their dancers and having a good time. It was most amusing every time they were stopped mid-dance and herded from the stage though! Haha.

Of course it was incredible to see some of the acts live. Zhou Mi was starting, so he went up on stage a little early and chatted briefly to his fan group (Sunshine Zhou Mi) who were in the standing front area since their idol was first on and being recorded live. And Amber! Amber came on to rap with Zhou Mi and it was awesome! Yayyy Amber!

Some other amazing highlights were the trot singer Hong Jin Young performing the beautiful “Cheer Up”, Secret’s Song Ji Eun performing “25”, Mad Town’s “YOLO” was lots of fun, and Boyfriend’s “Witch” dance with the stage curtains was super cool to see live. I was excited for 2AM but they kinda just came up at the end, and were pre-recorded, so we didn’t really get to experience much of them. The clear standout would obviously have to be VIXX with “Error”. I love that song and the dance and the boys, and even though they were prerecorded they still performed the full thing completely- YAYAYAYAYAY. I’ll admit though, they did look pretty exhausted (especially N). But yay VIXX!

It’s really something else to be there amongst the fan chanting and see these idols who you’ve seen so often on screen right there in real life on the stage in front of you. Ah- so much awesome! ^.^


After Music Core we happily headed outside, to notice a drama filming right next door! That of course piqued my curiosity and off we toddled! After waiting around about 10 minutes the director called cue! And a car rolled along to pull up outside of a building, where a footman went to open the car door and- cut! That was it. The crew started packing up. Not sure what drama it was, perhaps Misaeng? Fun to watch anyway!


Time to head towards the D-Cube Centre, where Rudolf was on! RudolfRudolfRudolf!!

7 thoughts on “A Continuing Adventure: Holkat At MBC Music Core!

  1. yipx2 says:

    Love reading your adventures in Seoul…especially the behind the scenes access that I wont ever get to experience! Cant wait to read your next adventure a D-Cube. I was there last year in April to catch the GHOST Musical!! Brings back so many good memories!!!! 🙂


    1. Thank-you so much! My very first comment! ^.^ I’m really glad you’re enjoying reading my adventures, I’m just about to post the next part! What was the Ghost musical like? It’s one I’ve missed on Broadway and Seoulway now but hopefully will get to see someday…

      p.s- If you’re interested, you can read my review of Rudolf at the D-Cube here- http://www.theaureview.com/asia/reviews/das-musical-rudolf-d-cube-arts-center-south-korea

      Thanks again for reading! *hugs*


      1. yipx2 says:

        Whar?!? Noooo…I cannot possibly be your first comment poster!!!! 😯 But then again,it is an honour to claim that title! Hehe^^

        The GHOST musical was amazing on a number of levels!! Truth be told- initial reason i booked tickets to see the musical was because JooWon is taking to the stage!! ^^; But boy, am i glad i did. The entire production, props, magic and ensemble was simply spellbinding. Even with my very limited korean, i was laughing and cried a few times throughout it as well. Watched it twice too! ^^; haha. Been listening to the musical’s soundtrack every day ever since. For some reason, the Korean production for GHOST has put musicals and its experience on a whole new level for me! I have seen a few musicals since but none has been able to leave such an impact- although Wicked did a pretty damn good job!! Haha. I think it might be my JooWon bias fangirl part in me doing the talking!! Haha.

        It was also this that enabled to me go meet friends from abroad and to experience my first ever celebrity encounter!! 😉All in all, it was pretty damn awesome!! Haha. Oh…and we got to meet the President of D-Cube as well- A super lovely and cute ajjusshi!!! So yes…that location holds a dear place in my heart! Hehe. Just typing this brings back the good ol’ memories!!

        Looking forward to reading your next advdnture! 🙂


      2. Oh wow! You and I can definitely be friends! You have basically said exactly what I normally tell people about Korean musicals- entire production spellbinding, even with limited Korean laughing and crying… a musical bias (mine is Kim Junsu, could you tell? haha). I really really think Korea has the highest quality musical productions- I have seen musicals on Broadway in NY and West End in London, and to me they weren’t even close to the production and passion of those I’ve seen in Seoul. Ahhh, I’ve loved them all *misty eyed*

        Oh! Now I wish I had gotten to see Ghost… I admit after reading this comment I went and watched a bunch of fanvids (bless the fangirls) of JooWon in Ghost, and I think you’re right ❤ Amazingggg. Has he been in anything recently?

        Yes! Friends abroad, aren't they the best?! And what celebrity did you meet? ^.^ And yay for D-Cube President! I really liked D-Cube, even though it was confusing! hahaha.

        Yayyy! Thanks for comment-replying ^.^


  2. nigelme2 says:

    OMG!! Someone who actually agrees with me!! You and I can definitely be friends!!!!! I was thinking i havent seen enough musicals to evaluate the quality of musicals here and abroad but GHOST was seriously sooo good!!! Veteran musical actress Choi Jung Won acting as Oda Mae was the show stealer-her adlibs with JooWon were simply hilarious. I wished they just come out with a dvd of the musical recording but its really not the same watching it live! ^^;

    Ghost was JooWon’s first musical return in 4 years…he’s back to acting now! ^^ May I just add that he is one finnnnnnneeeee young actor!! I think he’s the best versatilty amongst his generation! Bias me coming out!! Haha

    Mr Kim JunSu!! Your header does say something bias bout him! Haha. I really need to see his performance one day!!! Was a fan of his voice since his DBSK days!

    Yes, friends abroad are so cool. In fact, these friends i actually met at the musical and they themselves are international fans who have come to see JooWon’s musical as well so we naturally clicked like we’ve known each other forever!haha. They were the ones who directed me around d-cube because i also got confused and lost finding myself to the 7th floor! Haha.

    As for celebrity ‘meetings’- we stayed back after one of the performances and were lucky enough to meet n greet Choi JungWon! She’s such a sweetheart-took photos with us and signed autographs! I also waited for JooWon before and after the show but there was always a crowd so i couldnt get close enough to him….does being within an arms reach count as anything!?! Haha. He literally whizzed passed me. My friends who stayed a few more days than me got to greet him properly and shook hands with him! Total jealousy here!! Haha.

    Woah…i think i wrote a lil too much~ haha~ til the next edition~~ ♡♡


    1. Yes! It’s true! The musicals in Seoul are just so remarkable! I wish they did live video recordings of them too… that would be so amazing… At least we have the audio recordings though!

      Hahahaha… I too do that… Listen to them again and again. I think I know all of the lyrics to Elisabeth, even though it’s in Korean!

      Hmm, perhaps I will have to check out some of JooWon’s dramas then! Any recommendations?

      Yes.. Perhaps a little bias coming out in my header 😉 I took the photo too! So it has special meaning to me (it was at the Dracula Press Call). Such an incredible everything, he is!

      Yes! That is exactly the kind of friends I love making- those you just immediately click with like you’ve known forever! I know exactly what you mean! :DDD

      And oh wow… You got to meet Choi JungWon!! So cool!! A shame JooWon only whizzed past you… but there is always future possibilities kekeke~



      1. nigelme2 says:

        Ahh..unfortunately they didn’t have the Korean version of the GHOST musical so i was soo sad that I couldn’t have a forever piece of the musical! T__T

        As for JooWon’s drama…depends on what genre you like! Personally, Good Doctor, Bridal Mask and Ojakgyo brothers are my fav’s from him. All three will require some tissues on the side..but Good Doctor is like a good-feel, healing drama to me, Bridal Mask is INTENSE…REALLY INTENSE but oh so good~ *thumbs up*. Ojakgyo Brothers is a really good family drama but it’s a bit long with 58 episodes. Again, depends on what you like really~ hehehe


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