Kat of the Musicals

After working up quite the appetite playing competitive Tuho, it’s now lunch time!


Both Hol and I really love tteokbokki (a spicy Korean snack food made of rice cake), so were delighted to visit a unique little café that served our favourite tteokbokki- but with a twist! The bowl of tteok was covered by a layer of cheese and then… pizza crust! Ingenious and delicious! We had a number of other delicious fusion dishes too- pizza with pumpkin, salad with apple, homemade pickles (I guess no fusion here, but delicious!) and kimchi fried rice with jap chae noodles. The café layout was really interesting too- a mix of different materials and varied styles. Sort of like a renovated warehouse!




Whilst we were waiting for our lunch I entertained everyone with one of my very many talents- serviette origami Sydney Opera House making! Everyone was very captivated by my skill *hair flick*


After lunch we were actually interviewed by a Korean newspaper. I’m really looking forward to reading the piece when it’s published. The reporter seemed genuinely interested about our happy impressions of Seoul, and I talked a lot about why I love Korea (there are a lot of reasons) and about all the incredible friends that I have made as part of that shared mutual love/obsession ❤ (you know who you are and I truly love you all).

We had the most amazing passionfruit tea during the interview too! So sweet and refreshing, with little passionfruit seeds right at the bottom of the glass teapot! ^.^


Then it was back into the van and time to return to Seoul. Act Two- COMMENCE!

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