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One of my favourite things about Korea is definitely the shopping. Normally when I say that people are like “oh is it really super cheap?” and to be honest that aspect of it is kind of just normal (well compared to Australian prices) but there’s just soo much more variety (SOOO MUCH MORE) and everything about the experience is so good and so interesting and so FUN.

I’m not like a crazy shopping addict, but I suppose I am a little bit (ha) so I’d say that I spent a decent amount of time during my visits shopping and Seoul is just absolutely my favourite place to shop. Yes more than the outlets in Vegas, or the high streets of London or the markets in Europe. Seoul has my kind of stuff.

So anyway! I thought I’d share with you my favourite three places to shop at in Seoul! 😀

(sorry in advance for the lack of photos- apparently I suck at taking pictures of streets and shopping places haha) 

  1. Myeongdong

Ha of course, Myeongdong is a definite favourite. It’s easy to get there (subway line 4) and once you’re there it’s like a wonderful maze of streets that you have to navigate by key Nature Republic stores. You can wander up and down for ages, at night or during the day, and there’s a good mix of brand clothing stores, jewelry and accessory stores and all your favourite makeup and beauty brands. And plenty of tasty food options.

This is also we’re you’ll find a mix of bigger department stores, the SM Entertainment store and some celebrity cafes (Jaejoong’s Café JHolic is here).

And after you’ve explored the above ground you can head on underground for more of the bargain hunter smaller stores. Here’s where you’ll find some of the best places to buy kpop stuff and socks. There’s one particular kpop store that I would always visit, the cds are slightly cheaper and they’ll also give you a free poster of the group you buy cds of! Woo! Haha.

Stuff Kat bought at Myeongdong: socks, lots of hair accessories, cute cat earrings, so much kpop and an extra suitcase because I bought too much stuff to fit it all in my originally luggage

Stuff Kat did at Myeongdong: ate lots of street food, visited Café JHolic, took cute booth photos with SM artists

Located: Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (subway line 4)




  1. Doota

Doota in Dongdaemun was actually completely different on two of my trips, I’m not sure which I’d prefer but maybe the un-renovated one? Either way it’s still a fun place to visit.

Basically Doota is a tall department building and each floor is themed- young up and coming designers, jewellery, clothes similar to designer labels, hair accessories etc. Its fun to just wander around and it’s basically always open. On our first visit we were there at some ridiculous time like midnight?

It’s definitely predominantly a place for clothes shopping, but there’s also a pretty good food court on top and outside the streets are lined with vendors and markets.

Stuff Kat bought at Doota: jumpers and a skirt

Stuff Kat did at Doota: wandered around for a quite a while and pined over the coats (alas too warm for Australian winters)

Located: 275, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (subway line 5)




  1. Hongdae

My favourite ❤ The streets of Hongdae are a wonderland. I just loved taking little walks up and down those magical streets, popping into a stall here and there, grabbing a tasty snack every so often, and picking up bits and pieces along the way…

There is so much there, every time I wandered it felt like new stores had appeared- there is endless little clothes stalls, countless of the cutest accessory places, so much tasty snack food and every beauty and makeup brand you could want (including a physical Paula’s Choice store!).

Stuff Kat bought at Hongdae: everything. Skincare, makeup, clothes, hats, jewelry, hair accessories, gifts for people, household things at Daiso and endless other things.

Stuff Kat did at Hongdae: everything. Skip happily through the streets, buying and looking and eating (the best fish icecreams, mandu, hoduk, bingsu…). Spent hours in Etude House, bought a basket of accessories in my favourite stall, discovered new places, returned again and again and again… and just generally fell in love with the place.

Located: Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (subway line 2)



Some other places I visited for shopping times:Lotte Department Store (where I bought my much-beloved perfect winter coat), Times Square (department store-esque plae where I went to find a nii store), and COEX!




2 thoughts on “Kat’s Korean Travel Tips: Favourite Places To Shop In Seoul

  1. Aie says:

    Hye! Can i know the name of that specific cheap kpop album stores? XD anddd the paula choice stores! If u could give the location/any landmark..much appreciated. Thankyou.


    1. Hi there! I’m sorry this is so late, I’m not sure if it will still be useful… But the kpop album stores I visited were all in the little underground shopping mall at Myeongdong Station!

      The Paula’s Choice store was in Hongdae, if you walk about the street of shops that starts with Tony Moly towards the Etude House then its on that street! 😀

      If you already visited let me know if you found them ok!


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