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On the 13th February at Sydney’s Theatre Royal, Leigh Sales will sit down with the one and only acclaimed composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz! There is no doubt that you would have heard some of Schwartz’s work, whether it be his Broadway hits including Godspell, Pippin and Wicked or his work on Disney movies such as Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Enchanted.

At this exclusive event Sales and Schwartz will discuss his work and career live on stage. In between the interview popular Australian musical theatre actor Stephen Mahy will be singing some of Schwartz’s most famous pieces. We chatted to Mahy ahead of the event to find out some of his favourite Schwartz songs and whether having the same name gives them an automatic bond.

What are you most looking forward to in being a part of Stephen Schwartz In Conversation?

Being in the same room as him to be honest. Listening to him play the piano.

You have the same name. Do you think it’s a sign?

It’s with a PH and everything, do I need to say anymore?

How would you describe Stephen Schwartz to those who may not know him?

I think it’s best to come a see him for yourself, no better way than to hear it from the horses mouth.

Do you have a personal favourite Schwartz to sing?

Hearing the witches all over the world sing WICKED is pretty amazing.

You’ve been in a number of musicals over the past couple of years, including Jersey Boys, Grease and most recently The Rocky Horror Show. What’s the best part about being a musical actor?

The audience gets me through every time. That instant gratification you can’t beat. Also being able to hold an audience with song and fell them come along for the ride with you.

You’re also the Owner/Editor of Access All Areas Australia! How did that start and what are your future plans for the magazine?

I was in NYC and was reading “Backstage” magazine. It’s a positive forum for our industry and I realised there’s nothing like that here. As industry we are always under the spotlight and being reviewed or analysed by each other or people around us. Even through auditioning we are under pressure to perform and be judged. I wanted AAA to be a tool to help industry people and our audience to understand the positive effect we all have.

What’s coming up next for you? Will we see you in another musical soon?

The next thing I have booked is “Crossroads” an Australian musical written by Anthony Costanza and Peter Fitzpatrick. Directed by Tyran Parke, you will see some great actors at the chapel off chapel In March/April 2016.

And finally, if you could perform any Schwartz character (musical or film) who would it be?

Maybe he could write me into a new show when he gets here? But seriously I think Godspell is amazing and would be great to sing.

Stephen will be performing at this special live event Stephen Schwartz in conversation with Leigh Salesat Sydney’s Theatre Royal on Saturday 13th February at midday. To book visitwww.ticketmaster.com.au/Stephen-Schwartz-in-conversation-with-Leigh-tick…

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