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Now this is one that I managed to get a LOT of experience in, ha. I think I ended up going to around 10 musical performances while I was in Seoul? If only I could have fitted in more…

I could go on & on about this, since Korean musicals are one of my favourite topics, but for now I’ll just say that if you have the chance go and see a musical while you’re in Seoul. I honestly say this to everyone, but the production in Korea is SO high. The musicals that I have seen there totally outshine Broadway, West End and here in Australia. I think there is just such a higher admiration for them- budgets, casting, staging… everything is just perfect. Go see one!

Yes they are in Korean of course, but the power of musicals always translates 😉


The other wonderful thing about musicals in Korea is how EASY it is to purchase a ticket for them, even internationally! And the most incredible part? REFUNDS. You can EXCHANGE TO ANOTHER DAY OR REFUND YOUR TICKET IF NEEDED. Amazing. I wish they had that here!

So, wonderfully easy to purchase a ticket while planning your trip, and then if something changes you can just organise another date or refund the ticket. The closer to the time to the performance the percentage of the refund will decrease, but for the majority of the time you will get most of it back.

So, to the nitty gritty! I always use Interpark Global. I tried to use the Korean sites but trust me when I say you don’t want to go there (you have to install about 10 programs to book a ticket?? Like actually install on your computer?!?). But Interpark Global is made for the foreigner- everything is translated, it accepts foreign cards, and they send you an email that you just need to show to Box Office on the day to pick up your tickets. Easy!


Steps To Booking Your Ticket

  1. Interpark Global also lists concerts, opera, classical symphonies and exhibits! All in one destination! So scroll on through and see what takes your fancy.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.23.01 pm


  3. Click on your musical and have a read of the summary, cast, location, price ranges and dates (note that most will be Seoul but they also list performances in places like Busan or Daegu).

  5. You can also view details about the actual theatre location below, which is very useful. Particularly the transport info, as it’ll probably be easier to navigate to if it’s close to a station. For example Dracula was at Seoul Arts Centre last year, which is a littleee bit annoying to get to, but I worked it out after a couple of visits there. Ha! And there is this lovely little footbridge over to the GIANT building… You can’t miss it. Next year it’s at Sejong Centre which is SUPER easy to get to, a pleasant stroll from City Hall station.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.25.27 pm


  7. When you’re ready take a look through some dates and times to find one that will suit you/has the best available seats! Note that if you are attending a musical to see a particular actor/idol then do a quick search as the production company will usually post a schedule of their specific performances. Make sure to book quickly for these, as they do sell fast BUT, as I said you can refund tickets so if you really want to get a fantastic seat I’d suggest keep checking back on the listing right up until close to the performance as one might become available.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.27.40 pm


  9. You will need to register for Interpark Global, but trust me they make things easy for you, look at this:
    1. Purchase Guide: http://ticket.interpark.com/Global/GlobalInfo.asp?Url=guide_en.html
    2. FAQhttp://ticket.interpark.com/Global/GlobalInfo.asp?Url=faq_tab1_en.html
    3. My Ticket: now this is super cute, it lists out all the tickets you’ve purchased and their details


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.33.23 pm


I never had an issue using their system- purchasing, refunding or picking up my tickets. Highly recommended!

My recommendations for upcoming shows? Dracula of course, but I also love Das Musical Rebecca, Frankenstein would be cool, and they’ve also got a production of Next To Normal playing from December which is amazing.

Let me know if you have any questions about purchasing tickets or seeing musicals in Korea! I’d be more than happy to help ^.^



6 thoughts on “Kat’s Korean Travel Tips: Purchasing Musical Tickets!

  1. Cool! I haven’t been able to see any musicals in korea yet ㅠㅠ next time I’ll definitely go! 😀


    1. You definitely should!! They’re incredible ❤ What style of musicals do you like? ^.^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sushimiyum says:

    hii! i was wondering if i coudl pick up the ticket w/o actually presenting my credit card?


    1. Hello!! Sorry for my late reply… you have probably already gone but I think I did need to present my credit card! Or perhaps my passport at least? ^.^


  3. senyumanqaisara says:

    Hi Kat!
    I am really thankful I found your blog and post about how to buy a ticket for musical in Seoul. I am planning to see an upcoming musical “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” in January next year. Ticket will start selling 2nd of Oct. I hope I manage to get a good seat for this one. Thanks for the tips!


    1. I’m so glad to hear it! 😀 If there’s one thing I want to help with it’s helping more people see more Korean musicals!

      I wish you good luck for tickets going on sale tomorrow- and I do recommend keeping an eye on the site if you don’t get as good a seat as you wanted- as sometimes people get refunds close to the time (so you could purchase a new ticket and refund your old!)

      If you have the time try seeing Elizabeth as well! It is one of my favourite musicals! ^.^


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