Kat of the Musicals

Hey everyone!

I will now be enacting Phase 2 of Das Musical Kat ^.^

Phase 2 will have a lot more to do with the name of my blog.”Das Musical” of course means “The Musical” in German, so my blog title translates to “The Musical Kat!” The reason I named it such is threefold:

  1. A lot of my favourite musicals, namely those by Sylvester Levay and some by Frank Wildhorn, are titled as such. Eg. Das Musical Elizabeth, Das Musical Rebecca, Das Musical Mozart, Das Musical Rudolf…
  2. I really like the sound of it
  3. I am a musical

But! As you may have noticed, not too many musical/theatre happenings on the blog as yet! This is all about to change!

The current content will still be happening, especially all my Korean Travel Tips and other K-World related bits and pieces, but these will now be interspersed with more of my “Kat Musicals” posts. Or “Kat Theatres”!

I hope you enjoy! And that they inspire you to get out and see more shows, because they are a wonderful world ^.^

Thanks for reading!

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