Kat of the Musicals

There were some seriously crazy hot days in Sydney these past few weeks, sporadically thrown in amongst the cold and wet days… Spring yay!

I actually do really love Spring though, and not only because my birthday is at the end of this month (Halloween!) but because the weather is generally a nice mix of everything and it feels happy. Those hot days though, too hot. And on days like this I find I’m a little bit pickier about what I want to eat. And what was I craving on these hot days? Naengmyeon! Although I know traditionally this dish is eaten in Winter in Korea? It seems like a perfect Spring/Summer dish to me!

Dara knows what's up!

Dara knows what’s up!

Naengmyeon is basically noodles (in many varieties- buckwheat, starch etc) served in a large stainless-steel bowl with a tangy icey broth and topped with various things like Korean pear, pickled radish, boiled egg and slices of cold boiled beef. Now doesn’t that sound exactly what you want to eat in hot weather?

I had some delicious naengmyeon in Hongdae, but I haven’t adventured too much in Sydney to find the perfect bowl. I have had NaruOne’s a couple of times now though and I’d recommend it! Delicious!


Maangchi’s Naengmyeon!

I’m going to give this recipe of Maangchi’s next! Does anyone have any recommendations of places to get tasty naengmyeon in Sydney though? ^.^

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