Kat of the Musicals

I understand the hype- it’s definitely in the Book of Mormon bucket of musicals for the non-musical fan. And the performances were good, but the musical itself is just not for me.

Since its first performance in 2003 Avenue Q has become a crowd favourite in the land of musical theatre. Its lovable puppet characters, the realness of its book and its darn catchy songs make it an easy musical to like- even for those who are not so into musical theatre.

On Avenue Q live a strange bunch of people- puppets and humans coexist together, in a supportive neighbourly way as they all search for their greater “purpose”. The story is not shy- delving headfirst into social issues such as racism, homosexuality and homelessness. And although all are dealt with in a highly comedic way, there are also more serious moments with truly poignant messages about life and its hardships too.

It’s all a little bit blunt, but that’s the beauty of Avenue Q! Be prepared to have songs like “the internet is for porn” and “everyone’s a little racist” stuck in your head for days after (people might give you some strange looks if you sing out loud though). Some of the jokes are a little dated, or a bit Americanized, but you understand their charms nonetheless.

The cast is magnificent here, with most commandeering puppets and making both the puppets and themselves shine. Leads Madeleine Jones and Matthew Predny have such outstanding voices, and even though they do a fantastic job of letting their puppets take centre stage it is no less fascinating to watch their own facial expressions as they play out these realistic characters. Nicholas Richard’svoice is incredible, as he switches between Nicky and Trekkie with their more eccentric way of communicating (Trekkie in particular!).

This is a hilariously feel-good fun musical. Be prepared to come along and laugh like crazy, accept a lot of politically incorrectness and get abnormally attached to puppets. I’m sure even the Bad Decision Bears would agree that you should come. But that this is a good decision. Come see it, yayyy *wavy hands*

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