Kat of the Musicals

This was really fun! They gave us a fantastic table and everything was really entertaining- a great girls night out! Food was pretty tasty, and I finally got to taste Fleur Delacour’s bouillabaisse. Excitement!

Originally posted on The AU Review.

The sexy Paris burlesque feeling, the lavishness of French cabaret and the glamour of fine dining all comes to life at Slide Lounge for the Risqué Revue. This is fabulously fun and seductively sexy evening of French-themed performance and cuisine, and as you make your way through the 3-course meal prepared to be wow-d by six performers who know how to show off their talents (and bodies)!

Upon arrival we were guided to our table, taken through the evening’s French themed menu (more on that in a moment) and offered a drink. Everything keeps in this French theme- the music, the wait staff, food and the collection of fun French-themed cocktails! First up was our entrée- a delicious zucchini & tomato tarte tartin. I loved the soft and fluffy pastry base!

After entrée it was time for the show to begin, starting with the cabaret-style vocalist. Set to the side is a sort of picture frame, in which appears legs, arms and corset-clad torsos. You can tell already from the toned body parts the physical athleticism that will be shown. One by one the vocalist introduces the four ladies to us, as they appear out of the frame and onto the stage. We are also introduced to our sole muscle-clad man of the evening, Joe.

Each of the girls shows off her own individual talents in a short skit- a delicate chair-dance of white and mink, an incredible performance of rose petals on the silks, a whip-equipped pole dancer and a strip teasing seductive dancer. Throughout these performances Joe stands by, assisting with any required clothing removals and being the occasional swing from his biceps. His seductively passionate gaze is quite something! Eventually he gets to show off his very own talents on the spinning pole, and wow! (I also loved his belly piercing).

After all the girls returned on stage wearing beautiful lace masks for a final chorus dance to our sultry vocalist it was time to break for our main course, of which there were two alternating options. A slow braised beef cheek and bouillabaisse. My very first bouillabaisse! It was very exciting, and delicious! Served with tasty large croutons. I felt very much like Fleur Delacour.

After dinner we were into the second half of the performances and wow did the intensity pick up! There were can-cans and sexy dances and a man on a aerial hoop and a woman on a aerial hoop in a bathtub! That routine was simply spellbinding- as without any safety ties she flicked herself out of the water filled bath (spraying us nearby tables with water and making our supplied umbrellas useful) and spinning herself freestyle into their air on a hoop. Careful not to leave you mouth open in awe, you might catch some bubbles.

The dessert course was served through this second half; with a cute shortbread Eiffel Tower and a Cannele de Bordeaux with French custard and an amazing red/blue/white salted caramel éclair. And with the last bite of my delicious éclair the evening came to a feather shaking close.

Everything on the evening is just sexy enough, with a provocativeness of glamorous dance so that everything is tasteful for the dinner meal. The costumes are exquisite, with feathers and sparkles galore. Each of the performers has their own unique personality, which makes everything even more entertaining.

There is really no other experience like it- you are really really close to the action here. Aerial routines are performed pretty much right next to (and on top of) you and the stage itself is very much on level with the tables. The French themed menu is delicious, and as you pace yourself through the food you are treated to some really spectacular performances. It’s all quite risqué, lots of fun and just makes for a really fantastic night out!

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