Kat of the Musicals

In stark contrast to the previous review this was unfortunately the worst thing that I have ever been to in my life- just not something for me at all. I hated the interactivity, the absurdity, the dirtiness of the venue, and the stuffed phallic objects attached to the actors. I’m sure the experience would be worthwhile for some, after all the beauty of any art is that it is wonderfully diverse. But for me I learnt my lesson, and eye any shows that say “interactive” warily from a safe distance.

Originally posted on The AU Review.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to wander about a derelict mad house of ex-psych patients dressed like teletubbies and mostly speaking in jibberish while they try and convince you to look for “things”, than look no further! Like Me is a unique, and crazy, theatre experience that is entirely interactive and a whole lot of… absurdity.

Each of the actors is dressed in a bright coloured piece with some ridiculous feature- enlarged body parts and eccentric face paint etc. As soon as you approach the theatre, an old house in Sydney’s The Rocks, they greet you in character- beckoning and gesturing, and encouraging you to take “selfies” with them.

The whole experience is entirely interactive and quite unpredictable. You are given free reign to wander around the house and explore each of the rooms. The actors come along with you, loudly playing their parts and darting here and there. The main “story” I suppose are these characters within a madhouse who are obsessed with themselves. They mutter “like” and beckon to you asking for your attention. For the most part it is all lighthearted fun, but there are a few moments when it all turns a bit dark and confronting. This is quickly glossed over with more chaotic action, but the messages are not quite lost.

This is perhaps not a theatre experience for everyone- but extraverts, drama students and those who generally enjoy a bit of mayhem and fun will feel right at home. The rest of us will just take in this interactive theatre piece, wander about the house observing all of the craziness, and wonder what on earth is going on.

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