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A lot of food posts lately, right? I guess I’ve been extra hungry with this colder weather!

The other week KTO Sydney posted a photo of Korean summer desserts, which got me thinking (and craving), and then just this week two separate people asked me what my favourite dessert was! It must be a sign!


As my answer to their question was “several Korean dessert snacks” I decided to do this post! My top five most favourite dessert snacks to consume while in Korea! Prepare yourself for the delicious…

  1. Hotteok (호떡)

Hotteok is in my top five most favourite foods! So delicious. You can get them from street vendors, especially during winter, and their simple sweet warmth immediately takes the chill off the air!


My favourite are from a little Ajumma’s stall in Hongdae at the start of the shopping streets. Hers are full of cinnamon sugar. Yum!

I have also tried making them myself, but haven’t quite got it right yet…

  1. Egg bread (계란빵)

Now this I have only had once, but it was deliciously memorable! I had it whilst wandering around Samseong-Dong, when I got a little cold and hungry. The taste actually surprised me! I didn’t think it would be as sweet and warming.


  1. Bingsoo (빙수)

Obviously! Who doesn’t love Korean bingsoo? They have such a vast array of variations and all are so amazing. Especially in that warm weather when you don’t feel like eating much else. I’ll let these pictures of a couple of my bingsoos talk for themselves…


Green tea with nuts and dried fruit


Green tea with dark chocolate ice-cream and raspberries with a side of sliced almonds


Grapefruit and honey

  1. Fish bread (붕어빵)

I love the icecream variety that we can sometimes find in Asian grocers here, but buying a small bag of freshly made warm street vendor fish breads was a whole new level! I love saying “fish”, really creeps people out when I say one of my favourite desserts is a “fish bread”, kekeke. But these small little guys with red bean bellies are amazing!


  1. Bungeoppang Yogurt… Thing!

Ok, I know this is almost the same as number 4, but golly this was an amazing find! On the streets of Hongdae I had seen this in the hands of many people passing by and I knew I had to hunt down the vendor. Turns out it was two young guys hidden amongst the jewellery and clothes stalls on a Hongdae shopping street. They had quite the line and each takes at least 5mins to make, so be prepared for a little wait, but IT IS WORTH IT. Basically fresh waffle-type mix in the shape of a fish with red bean belly filling, with a mouth of frozen yogurt pierced with a chocolate-dipped fruit stick and covered in peanuts. YES.


I want all of these now… ^.^

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