Kat of the Musicals

On Thursday night I had the extreme honour and excitement of being invited along to review at the Sydney Premiere of Les Misérables!!


I love Les Mis, it is just such an INCREDIBLE musical. It’s so… BIG! It has a powerful story, wonderful characters, and the music is just so memorably moving. You’ve probably heard many of its songs before, but nothing compares to hearing them in their original setting in the musical when you’ve become so immersed in the stories of the characters who sing them… then they have a true meaning. And the emotion- wow!

When we arrived the street adjoining Sydney’s Capitol Theatre was closed, and a red carpet lined the footpath. Flag wavers ushered us into the theatre, abuzz with pre-show excitement.


The show itself was my most favourite production of Les Mis that I have seen- which is very largely due to the casting of my favourite character Javert. I have long adored Philip Quast’s adaptation of the role, so much so that I believed no-one could compare to him, BUT! Hayden Tee has done a remarkable thing and come very very close to comparing with Quast. His Javert was exactly how I like him- determined and righteous with one hell of a powerfully commanding baritone ❤


After the musical we were all invited along to the after party, located at Sydney’s Town Hall. George St was lined with our flag bearing ushers once more. Town Hall itself looked a sight, with projections lighting up the old building in the trademark red, white and blue of the French musical. More red carpets and more flags led us into the internally lit hallways and along into the main atrium. Through the crowds lay a giant barricade (like that we just saw in the musical) acting as a DJ booth! From the ceiling hung a giant burnt out flag bearing the emblematic face of Cosette. It was pretty breathtaking…


Les Mis is just simply one of the most defining pieces of musical theatre- and an experience that I’d recommend for everyone. I would highly HIGHLY recommend getting along to see it in Sydney if you can. Our current production (in terms of staging, casting and flow) was much more impressive than the two that I saw in consecutive years on London’s West End! The Capitol Theatre is a fantastic stage for it, and it will certainly be one of those experiences that stays with you.

If you think you need even further convincing, check out my “Five Reasons you should attend Les Miserables at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre”.

See it! 😀

Finally I’ll share with you one of my most favourite favourite performances of a Les Mis piece- a performance of “One Day More” by some of my most favourite Korean musical actors (which of course includes Kim Junsu!) at the 6th Korean Musical Awards. I have watched this performance so many times, it’s just amazing… what a dream casting!

I hope one day I’ll be able to see a Korean production of Les Mis! The 2013 production looked incredible *.*


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