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Sunday! Wahhh… our last day of our magical trip in Seoul! But we may as well make the most of it, we thought!

We got up relatively early and made sure to do the majority of our packing before heading down to consume basically the entire breakfast buffet. Over breakfast we decided on our plan of attack for the next few hours.


Our first destination in the morning would be Lotte World shopping mall in nearby Jamsil. Holly had discovered that they had a physical Koh Gen Do store and was really keen to find it and make some sneaky purchases! And what a shopping mall! It was huge! We wandered around for ages, and asked some sales assistants for directions… but in the end we weren’t able to locate the store 😦

But! I did manage to find a Nii store and make some happy purchases (always supporting one of JYJ’s first endorsements!) and found the most wonderfully absolutely perfect winter coat from a Le-Colette ❤ I fell in love with it! It and a dress from the same brand. I can’t wait till Winter in Australia so I can wear them! They’re perfect! ^.^

We returned back to the Hotel in time to try and squash my last purchases into my bag (not my coat though- that would be taken on as hand luggage *pats coat lovingly) and refresh in our room before heading down to deposit our bags at the front desk and meet Jeannie and Adela. Jeannie was heading off to a nearby concert so we said our goodbyes (for now) and exchanged many hugs. And then it was off for a final adventure!

To Myeongdong! Another Land of Seoul Shopping!


Myeongdong is a bustling hustling craziness, and I was happy to note that it at least hadn’t changed all that much at all. Streets and streets of craziness and shops! I have learnt to landmark Myeongdong by The Face Shops that are on each corner, determining which was in which location by the different EXO member cardboard cutouts they had out front. A useful technique, if you ever find yourself there and confused. I also managed to locate some more Gongchans and a Lee Minho! Goodness that man is tall… I was standing on a box to reach his shoulder, kekeke.


We wandered around, popping in and out of stores until we were quite hungry. Remembering a nearby food court kind of place I took the lead and headed in what was (amazingly) the right direction. Even Adela was impressed by my recall *beams*


We decided on the popular chain store ‘SchoolFood’, which has a whole wonder of traditional Korean street food yummy yummy. We opted for tteokbokki (of course) and nyeongmyun (cold noodles) and soondae (blood sausage). Delicious, although the tteokbokki was almost a bit too spicy!


Director came to meet us at Myeongdong, and we were all able to share a final café visit together (and some hat-stealing) before parting with him too. Sigh, it’s always hard leaving and saying goodbyes, even if it’s temporary.


And that was it. Time up! We returned to the hotel one last time to pick up our luggage and the hotel coordinated us a taxi to take us to the airport. Amazingly our bags fitted (although it did take some rearranging on our driver’s part)! I actually really enjoy drives like this- that take you through the city. You can just observe and take it all in. I was feeling sad to be leaving Seoul again, but I knew I’d be back again soon.

The ride to the airport was over an hour, but once again the fare was a very reasonable ~$60 (with tolls). We checked in, returned the Wifi Egg and then gave some huge hugs to Adela- you were the BEST translator! Thank-you for all the help you gave us, and for showing us around Seoul and making sure we didn’t get too wayward!! ❤

Then off through the incredibly super efficient security checks and into the Airport! Incheon Airport is definitely the best airport I’ve ever been to and it has so many options for food and entertainment (including live performances and cultural workshops!). We didn’t have a particularly long wait though, so we opted for a cute nearby café and ordered a delicious favourite- honey toast. We also had these Korean Berry drinks? Not sure exactly what they were but they were really unique and really delicious!


We made our way downstairs to the packed gate and waited boarding call. Sigh- I always just want to stay in Seoul!


This time our flight was completely full, but I watched Miss Granny again (one of my absolute favourite Korean movies, you can read my review here!!) and snacked on some instant cup ramyeon (which Korean Air has onboard if you politely ask for it!) and then we were landing! All too fast!

Home in Sydney once again. Seoul I miss you so much already- until next time! ❤ ❤ ❤


A HUGE BEYOND HUGE THANK-YOU once again to The Korean Tourism Office in Seoul for this incredible opportunity, to Jeannie and Adela for all the support and help you gave us (*hugs*) and to Director and his filming crew for being so fun to work with. This was definitely my “To:ur Imagination”, perfectly wonderful ^.^  Seoul! You have my heart!

3 thoughts on “The Conclusion of an Adventure: Holkat’s Last Day in Seoul!

  1. nigelme2 says:

    *tear tear*

    Ohhh…reminds me of my final steps in the land of Korea…and mind you those were pretty heavy steps as well!! I was too immersed into the world of Lotteworld amusement fun that i didn’t even bother venturing into the shopping world there~ Haha.

    I regret not being able to go into every single cafe shops chains possible in Seoul..and a ton of other things! There’s just so much to do…so little time~

    I also watch Miss Granny end of last year- It was a surprise hit for me! (the movies I usually pick to watch end up as “misses”!!) Had a blow my nose towards the end of the movie..so hopefully you didn’t have my ending!! ^^:

    It was lovely to read your amazing adventures. Thanks for sharing as I have gain some pointers for what I should do on my next adventure! ^^ Thank you, virtual friend- I think we would have clicked quite well if we met in person~ ^^


    1. It was always so hard to leave! I just wanted to cling to the airport and never let go of Seoul haha. You’re absolutely right- there’s always so much left to do! And I’ve only been to Seoul as well, I’d love to travel a bit further out to the countryside, or visit Busan, and Jeju of course… Ah! So much!

      I was either laughing or crying throughout the whole Miss Granny! I’m glad the lights were dim on the plane, as I was still crying even the second time! haha.

      Thank-you so much for reading and commenting, it means so much to me. And I definitely agree, I think we would click in real life too! Perhaps one day we will meet in person ^.^ I hope so! *hugs* virtual friend!

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