Kat of the Musicals

I could hardly believe how much we had gotten through in just one day! Hanbok, tea ceremonies, traditional games-playing, many delicious lunch dishes, janggu classes, incredible Hanjeongsik dinners… And now it was nearing the end. My feelings were becoming very mixed by that point! I really wanted to watch the musical (of course), but I truly was not looking forward to parting with all my new friends.

But the show must go on! And the KTO had organised a very special birthday surprise- VIP tickets to Das Musical Rebecca!! I really really love all of Sylvester Levay’s musicals. There’s somethings so beautifully dramatic about all of them, he really knows how to capture feelings and express them tenfold on a stage. I adore Elizabeth, and I was able to see Mozart! on my last trip to Seoul. As is so often the case, listening to the recordings had nothing on the live experience. And so, having only listened to Rebecca for so long, I was finally going to be able to see it! I could hardly contain my excitement, and continued to bounce and skip all the way across the road bridge from the restaurant to the theatre.

The musical was on at yet another of Seoul’s incredible theatre spaces- they have so many and they’re all so unique! I love them all. This one was called Blue Square, probably named for its encompassing blue light that shines around the whole theatre, and it had these GIANT Rebecca banners floating off the side. There were also many flags guiding our way to the entrance. We did a lot of filming around the outside, then our film crew got special badges as we entered so that they would be able to film in the entrance space.


I was in my element. I sprinted around to check the cast listing for the performance, then sprinted off to find all the displays. In the foyers of Korean musicals they have these little display areas with life-size cardboard cutouts of the day’s cast that you can pose with, or some sort of prop from the set or similar. They’re such a great idea and really fun! This time they also had the letter “R” sitting on these steps. The crew got Holly and I to arrange ourselves on the steps then we went through a couple of takes- super dramatic, smiling, looking down… It was fun! By that time our crew of ten, and their directing us, had grown quite a large crowd. People were gathering around, peering curiously at us and no doubt wondering who we were! Kekeke- I felt like a star.


We made sure to get in some hugs with our Mr Maxim De Winter, some intimations of Ich and some appropriately stern dramatic faces with Mrs Danvers. And then it was time… The crew were to film us walking into the theatre, and then giving a final wave. Which we did before returning back outside to give everyone a hug and a really big thank-you. And some more hugs. And waving we walked into the theatre to take our seats as the bell was ringing.




We had incredible tickets in the first row on the balcony! Our cast for the evening was Um Ki Joon as Maxim, Lim Hye Young as Ich and Lisa as Mrs Danvers. I would have loved to have seen Ryu Jeong Han as Maxim because I love him, but I was really happy to see Um Ki Joon for the first time! And he was truly brilliant!


The musical was incredible- I knew I would love it, and I really really did. The music and power in the lyrics, that translates even in another language, is always such a strong feeling. I will write a full review of the musical over on The AU Review, so keep eyes out for that! Otherwise I’m liable to go on and on about it here… But let me just say, the set design with the ocean and the dark focus on the characters, and the strength of the cast, was really something! Ah… I love musicals.

And with the final curtain call of Rebecca, the final curtain was drawn on my magical filming day! We met our driver Mr Park and he drove us back to our hotel. Thank-you Mr Park! The excitement and moving had kept us going throughout the day, but once we reached our room it hit us and goodness were we exhausted! I was still feeling all sparkly though, so happy and so lucky.

I really cannot thank the KTO and the entire filming crew enough for what was one of THE best days (and birthdays) EVER. The whole day felt really special, and it was really fun! I felt like we were really involved in the heart of Korea- and were able to enjoy traditional cultural experiences, delicious food and my love for musicals. It was simply *magic*. Thank-you Jeannie, Adela, Director Yeobo, cameraman Dragon and everyone for making my birthday truly special ^.^


(The hotel had actually left me a birthday card and cake in our room when we returned- such a nice surprise! I sat down and ate some of the cake with a fork. Was really feeling very spoilt indeed!)



So was the conclusion of my “To:ur Imagination” filming day- but not our Korea trip! What happened on our Reprise adventures in Seoul? Find out in the next posts! ^.^

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