Kat of the Musicals

Korean Air flies out of Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney at 8:50am every morning, so we got to the airport nice and early on Thursday morning in time for our flight! I have always found Korean Air really easy and enjoyable to fly with. Not just because they have Kdramas on their inflight entertainment systems… but their customer service is immensely helpful and they’ve responded to all my queries almost immediately! DSC00720 Making our way through the normal baggage check (we’ve both bought fairly large bags despite the short trip, because shoppinggg!) we head over to our gate and await boarding. The craft was actually fairly empty for our flight, so as soon as we were in the air we were able to move and each have our own seat next to the window. I love that they have two seaters next to the windows on the aircraft ❤ Meals are tasty- offering a Western or Korean option (bibimbap for me please!), and Holly has a tasty selection of vegan options too! The flight is fairly smooth- I spend most of it listening to musicals ^.^ Rebeccaaa, come home REBECCAAA! … Elizabethhhh, Elizabeth… sarang HAEEEEEEEEEEEE! … I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU, AND NEED YOU… AND LET YOU GO FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! (guess the musicals!) We arrive in to Incheon Airport at around 5:50pm that night. The sky is dark already, but the temperature is almost perfect so its very pleasant. Immigration is really quick and well organized and soon we’ve collected our bags and walked through the gate. To our surprise we’re greeted with a sign: ~KAT AND HOLLY~ Our amazing translator/tour guide/new friend Adela had unexpectedly come to collect us from the airport! The whole trip was left as a bit of a surprise, so we knew we were filming on Friday (my birthday) but that was really it! After our introductions, and after managing to convince airport security to let us walk back through the gate to capture our arrival, we got stuck right into filming! The Director and film crew are really friendly and professional, and I could already tell this is going to be a fun couple of days 😀 Before heading to the taxi bay, I head over to Olleh to pick up my reserved WiFi Egg. This is perhaps one of THE most useful things you can have on your trip- a tiny little portable WiFi device that costs around 8,000 won a day (or AU$8) which is well worth it to have the assurance of internet connection. Although Seoul has a heap of free WiFi access points scattered around the subways and cafes etc, I always just feel much better having it with me. You can reserve one before your trip here. We head to the conveniently located taxi bays and we’re soon on our way! Honestly all the available travel options from the airport are equally smooth and efficient- it’s just a matter of figuring out which one suits you best. When I have stayed in Hongdae I took the subway because it’s on the same line = easy! The limousine bus is another useful and direct option. I chose taxi for this trip because our destination, Samseong-dong in Gangnam, is a little bit further away and I didn’t want to worry about line transfers with our luggage. The taxi took about 1.5hrs to Gangnam, and cost around 60,000 won (AU$60) which is nothing compared to what that kind of trip would cost in Sydney. So- easy! We were both amazed and very delighted to learn that the KTO had booked us in the incredibly nice hotel- The Grand Intercontinental Parnas in Samseong (which is in the Psy-famous Gangnam area). It’s a beautiful and luxurious hotel, and we both feel rather special as we enter the very grand foyer. After checking in we head on up to our super nice room to quickly refresh before heading out to stretch our legs and get some fresh night air. DSC00722 One of the most wonderful things about Seoul is how absolutely safe you feel at all times. I could quite happily walk around at all hours of the night, and feel perfectly at ease. Even close to midnight Samseong is alight with buildings and activity. IMG_2732 We have a quick walk around the block, before we tire ourselves out from the long flight day and head back to the room to order a little bit of room service (and watch Rain’s new drama) before collapsing into bed to get a good nights sleep for… FILMING DAY.

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