Kat of the Musicals

This was another performance as part of the Sydney Fringe. The theatre (Old 505) is absolutely terrifying to go to at night.

The review was originally posted on Arts on the AU.

The dark rainy night created the perfect atmosphere for this intimate performance. Two musicians- a cellist and guitarist, play in the small intimate space where the music feels immensely close. This is Amphibious Duo, a sub duo of the usual quartet Amphibious (the other half featuring a sax/bass clarinet and drums).

But here in this small venue the sounds of the cello (Ollie Miller) and acoustic guitar (Aaron ‘Baz’ Flower) create a beautiful sound. It’s a seamless performance, with the two instruments supporting and accompanying each other without feeling the absence of their band members.

The pair play through their set list, stopping in between for a small introduction to the next piece. The set is comprised of both original pieces composed by the band members (normally performed by the quartet, but that have been arranged for the duo) and a few recognizable tunes such as Gotye’s‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ and Doris Day’s ‘Secret Love’.

Perhaps my favourite piece of the performance was an original piece entitled ‘Beautiful Love’. It had this dark haunting quality about it that transforms into something a bit more mysteriously romantic, like something that would be at home in the score of a detective mystery. It ends on this beautifully haunting strain on the cello.

It feels a little surreal to be out in this venue on this late rainy night, listening to such emotive and intimate music. Surreal and wonderful.

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